A platform across African Great Lakes for community testimonies on environmental challenges and solutions fostering accountable and participative natural resource management


Enanga is a platform across the African Great Lakes to share communities’ testimonies on the cross-border challenges affecting their environment and lives, and their solutions. 10 regional partners and over 70 Observers are crowdsourcing testimonies: photo and video footage on everything from fishing and poaching, to oil exploration and deforestation, while expert insights from the region and beyond explore their policy contexts.


Enanga connects communities and policymakers across borders with one goal: promoting natural resource solutions that are accountable to and respect communities’ rights and need for peace and stability.


Enanga is a musical instrument in Uganda and in many African countries. It is part of our heritage. It produces great music. The name therefore challenges us to ensure that our heritage (natural resources) should be used to live good lives (devoid of disease, conflict, human rights violations etc). We must play it well. We must ensure that our natural resources are well managed and governed.

– Winnie Ngabiirwe, Executive Director, Global Rights Alert (Uganda)


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